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Some patients who have been denture wearers for a long length of time may find implants to be a better fit for them. For those who have the issue of bone loss, implants might be the best option given that dentures can sometimes accelerate the bone loss process. A consultation with Dr. Djuric is the first step in determining whether dentures or implants will be best suited for you.

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Fortunately, today we have the technology to eliminate dentures very predictably so our patients can have something fixed in the mouth. Or, in the case where it may be necessary to wear a denture, implants can be placed for denture stabilization, which is very cost effective.

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Whatever your need may be, Dr. Djuric will provide a consultation and evaluation in order to provide you with treatment options that are right for you and within your budget.

Mini-Dental Implants

Mini Dental ImplantsAnother option to consider is a Mini-Dental Implant. Mini-Dental Implants are very affordable (almost half the cost of regular implants), are easy to place and are minimally invasive. In many instances, you can actually go and eat lunch right away! So if you are a denture wearer but have difficulty keeping them in, there’s hope! Call us today to see whether mini-dental implants might be an option for you.